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Working at BDF Industries

We believe in people’s sense of responsibility, in accuracy and commitment creating reliability and trust.

Take part in a family that keeps evolving, a young team of specialists since 1906.

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What we believe in

Teamwork & full process design

We truly believe in the team work and in the sense of responsability that drive us everyday through any challenge that we meet on our path, that help us to put customer needs at the first place and realizing the most ambitious projects.

We have the chance to touch with our hands the finished product, from the very first designing phase to the mechanic production, installation and testing, in this way we are able to implement the technological innovations that we want to see in our products.

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What we care of

Join the team

Start your adventure in BDF means to join a young team, always in evolution, with more than 115 years of experience behind but projected on future and innovation, with a coverage of 80 countries all around the globe.

The research of a continuous improvement is something that define us as a company and as a team and it’s not something related only to the business but mainly to people. We are an “equal opportunity and diversity policy” supporter Company, for us is important to guarantee a peaceful workplace.

Our core values


Technological Excellence

Feel the potential of a project and make it real! Not only innovation in terms of quality but also finding the best solution and performance from a project to guaranteee customer satisfaction.



We love to act fair, with customers, suppliers, employees, stakeholders in general! It’s really important for us to stay transparent and clear towards all these subjects, just like our payoff.


Effort and Consistency

Two key-words that perfectly represent the kind of management that we have implemented during the past 115 years, and that will drive us through the next 100 and beyond.

Are you interested in working with us?

Are you interested in working with us?