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BDF Industries is a manufacturer of technologically advanced machinery where performance and innovation come together in an everlasting pursuit of excellence.

We are an International Group whose focus and mission are to innovate and bring our products anywhere in the World.

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We design and build our complex machines with passion, giving safety and quality the highest priority while combining engineering skills with technological research. Our purpose is to go beyond standards and think «out of the box», to continue to satisfy our customers’ needs in terms od performance and services.

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The History of BDF Industries is a story of a Family based on tradition and excellence.

Founded in 1906, by the 1950s BDF Industries (then called Boscato & Dalla Fontana) had become the first European manufacturer of IS machines and over the years has developed its core business in the Glass Division exponentially. It currently comprises 2 different “hearts”: Melting and Forming.

Today we are a Group of passionate with the goal of pushing technologies beyond the limits.

Today We can say to be part of a first-rate technologic group ready to challenge current and future business opportunitites in terms of competitivity, performances and reliability of products and processes.

The future we see through.

As the market evolve, needs do too and so do we. The future we see is made of new solutions and innovative operating tools, to keep up with your everyday challenges.


Mr. Giuseppe Boscato founded a workshop dedicated to the design and production of mechanical parts.


Electrical energy was produced using a water mill (still existing) that could supply about 18-20 kW/h of power to the parallel lathes in the BDF workshop with leather transmission belt.


First Forehearth made by BDF Industries.


First 4 sec IS Machine completely manufactured in Europe.


BDF went on to develop its production site for the glass making industry, with its own R&D department.


First IS 8 sec in the world.


BDF acquired TDE Automazione Spa, whose core business in the design and developing comprehensive and straight forward solutions to a wide variety of industrial automation applications.


BDF was the very first Company introducing electronics into the mechanism moving parts (Servo Inverter and Servo Take Out). The AFE (Active Front End) System allowed the Energy Recovery during the mechanism deceleration.


A milestone for BDF: the headquarter moved to a new location. Four different plants together in a unique production site.


BDF acquired Glass Technologies Srl.

BDF SERVIS D.O.O. is established in Hum na Sutli, Croatia.


Development of control for inverter in the automotive sector. Acquisition of MCR Systems Srl.


BDF acquired E.C.S. Sistemi Elettronici S.p.A.

The fields we deal with

We offer the best plants and equipment solution serving various types of markets such as food & beverages, perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The plants are studied to ensure high performances, and designed in accordance with customer specifications.

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