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Forming IS Machine

IS Angular
ADV 1050-8050

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Forming IS Machine — Angular

Innovation, technology and versatility make the BDF Angular IS Machines the ideal solutions for high productivity, improved word surroundings and considerable energy savings.

6-8-10-12 SECTIONS AND TANDEM IS 4 1⁄4”: SG-DG-TG 3”-TG 3 1⁄8”
IS 5” S: SG-DG-TG 85MM
IS 5 1⁄2”: SG-DG
IS 6 1⁄4”: SG-DG-TG 4 1⁄4”

Standard machine configuration


• Servo plunger
• Gear type revolving tube mechanism
• Servo Arcuate shear
• Shear spray system

Delivery system

• Servo gob distributor SGD 330
• Easy Aligning Delivery System (EADS)


• Angular opening close mechanism
• 21 lines valve block
• Blank and Blow side Stack-cooling
• Blow side vertical cooling
• Series 300 2-Line Mechanism: Baffle – Funnel – Blow head
• Servo Invert
• Servo Takeout

Ware Handling

• AP Pusher mechanism (dual motor)
• Conveyor
• Transfer wheel TRW 1305

Timing system

• ADV 8050


• Blow & Blow
• Press & Blow
• Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB)

Equipment and accessories for our Forming IS Machines

Blank and blow bidirectional axial cooling, down-up blank axial cooling, blank top-down axial cooling, blank down-up axial cooling, blank and blow bidirectional axial cooling, ADV series, AFE and more….

Equipment & Accessories for IS Machines

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