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Forming IS machines

IS Parallel
ADV 8050

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Forming IS Machine — Parallel

The BDF Parallel IS Machines are particularly designed for being functional in all their mechanical components, but also to bring some innovation aspects in the market with the latest cutting edge technologies.

<8-10-12 SECTIONS AND TANDEM IS-P: DG 6 1⁄4”-TG 4 11⁄4”

Standard machine configuration


• Servo plunger
• Gear type revolving tube mechanism
• Servo parallel Shear mechanism
• Shear spray system

Delivery system

• Servo gob distributor SGD 330
• Costant angle 30° delivery system


• Parallel opening close mechanism
• 21 lines valve block
• Blank side axial cooling
• Blow side axial cooling
• Blow side vacuum system
• Series 300 2-line mechanisms: baffle Pantograph-Funnel-Blow head
• Servo Invert
• Servo Take Out with motor from the top

Ware Handling

• AP Pusher mechanism (dual motor)
• Conveyor
• Transfer wheel TRW 1305

Timing system

• ADV 8050


• Blow & Blow
• Press & Blow
• Narrow Neck Press and Blow (NNPB)

Equipment and accessories for our Forming IS Machines

Blank and blow bidirectional axial cooling, down-up blank axial cooling, blank top-down axial cooling, blank down-up axial cooling, blank and blow bidirectional axial cooling, ADV series, AFE and more.

Equipments for IS Machiens

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