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Research & Development

We have developed a team of experts for every step of the design and production process.

The Technical Department is not only focused on following market trends, the goal is to anticipate them, keeping at the same time high standards of the quality but also flexibility in order to handle correctly custom and challenging projects. For BDF this is the right attitude to pursue excellence and quality.

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Persuing excellence and quality

BDF Technical Department represents one of the pulsating hearts of our company, where resides much of the know-how gained in these 65 years of experience in the glass sector. The fact that we have been in this industry for so long also allows us to move with more agility in the interaction and relationship with the inspection bodies and suppliers with which we have always collaborated in any Country of the world.

new prototypes designed internally
supervising and control system softwares developed internally
experts dedicated to R&D

Points of Strenght



What could we do more? How can we expand our thinking and doing?
That’s how we constantly improve our work, in terms of product development, design features, technology and engineering, with a powerful motivation, allowing and encouraging innovative ideas, asking ourselves what new things can we do and how can we implement what is already done.


The complete chain

BDF has experience and expertise in linking all those aspects that bring a complex machine such as the IS Machine to life– from the earliest design concepts to the finished product, producing almost the majority of the components. Some of the links in the chain include constant research and development, innovative creative design and the use of cutting-edge technology.


One stop, one shop

All the know-how acquired over the years by BDF enables its customers to find, from a single supplier, a turnkey services, thanks to all the involved departments and experts that are able to calculate, test, materially produce and complete any project.

Production process — 1st stage


Thanks to our wealth of experience gained over the years, the Furnaces Division of BDF Industries is able to engineer hollow glass melting furnaces combining efficiency in consumption, durability and quality of glass.

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Production process — 2nd stage


The internal R&D Department is focused every day on finding the best solutions to be applied in IS Machines which not only allow the production of perfect glass containers, but also a high performance production, reducing costs.

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