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Melting furnace

Regenerative & recuperative furnace

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Melting furnace

The expertise acquired throughout the years and the big number of fully-functioning plants installed allow BDF Industries to offer new and innovative solutions when it comes to implementing plant engineering projects. Not only does our Group supply turn-key plant solutions, but our commitment and responsibility is from the beginning to the stage we are there to start the plant ourselves.

  • Low furnace energy consumption
  • High furnace pull
  • Low NOx emissions
  • High furnace lifetime in terms of metric tons/m2
  • Best furnace operation to assure minimum operating costs at fixed glass quality
  • Energy flexibility
  • CO2 reduction


In Regenerative Furnace, air preheating is achieved by two regenerators chambers. The chambers are filled with layers of refractory checkers, arranged in offset position. The exhaust from the furnace and the cold combustion air are passed, alternately, through one and other chambers for a certain period of time. The checkers, heated by hot waste gases, releases the accumulated heat allowing to reach a high temperature to the combustion air.


Save the CAPEX of regenerators and switch your combustion to Oxyfuel. This kind of Furnace allow you to avoid heat recovery to make the combustion process efficient, and leaves all the heat for a downstream utilization.


In Recuperative Furnace, air preheating is achieved by the heat exchange from the exhaust to the combustion air by means of metal recuperator. The exhaust pass through a metal heat exchanger and transmit the heat to the combustion air. The preheated air is conveyed to the burner by metallic ducts, where it matches the fuel developing the flame.


Key word for this solution is FLEXIBILITY. To reduce the impact of fuel cost increasing or CO2 fines, BDF proposea unconventional End-Fired regenerative Furnace with an important mix of energy source: electricity up to 40%, Oxyfuel, Hydrogen and air-gas combustion. All tuned accordingly with your specific plant features. Also HFO or Diesel firing system can be applied in order to give higher flexibility to your furnace.


Waiting for affordable and reliable Hydrogen the only way to CO2 reduction is our trailblazing view on Hybrid. Our solution is the Horizontal Hybrid Electric Melter. Our concept has been tested through 5 years of simulation and design come and seize the result.

Equipment and accessories for the melting furnace

The studies and research developed over recent years combined with cutting-edge design tools are today able to guarantee stability and flexibility in the Furnaces management, for all types of production taking in consideration the strictly environmental regulations of reduction of NOx, SOx and all waste pollution related.

Equipment for Melting furnace

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