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Quality Policy

BDF Industries S.p.A. believes that the quality of the products and services provided is the main value for pursuing, obtaining, and improving customer satisfaction.

The satisfaction of our customers is a guarantee of company growth and development. This result is obtained by eliminating defects in every single company area and can only be achieved through the involvement of motivated and empowered personnel. Employees are indeed the main actors in the continuous improvement process.

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Our Quality Policy can be summarized in the following points:
  • Attention to Staff needs, in order to obtain greater engagement and greater competence and autonomy of each person belonging to the organization;
  • Encouragement to reward quality work rather than quantity;
  • Promotion of the concept of “Team” in carrying out the various activities of the processes.
  • Greater attention to communication between corporate entities, an essential condition for having full awareness of the role and importance of colleagues’ work;
  • Constant commitment to research new products and markets to promote the BDF brand internationally;
  • Constant commitment to research product and service innovation and optimizing its internal processes;
  • Making continuous improvement the essential strategy to increase the performance of internal processes and the competitiveness of the company;
  • Creating partnerships with suppliers, involving them in the continuous improvement process of the company;
  • Directing our energies and actions to customer satisfaction, starting a dialogue with our clients in order to receive continuous feedback.

The objectives that we aim to achieve and review in the short/medium term, in line with the quality policy adopted, are the result of the risk and opportunity assessment within BDF Industries and in the context in which it operates.

  1. BDF Industries is a global player. Therefore, the goal is to develop an approach to the product and its management that is consistent with the corporate context.
  2. Introduce and expand the assessment of risks and opportunities, to develop projects aiming at full customer satisfaction.
  3. Implement strategic plans aimed at increasing process efficiency by using the continuous improvement techniques of the Kaizen approach
  4. Strengthen the use of monitoring and control tools (to acquire the awareness of the data in order to elaborate them to make decisions) shared in every department of the company and subsequently also outside the company.
  5. Focus on improving product quality by bringing in-house critical activities and processes on products deemed strategic
  6. Increase the concept of transversality towards customers and suppliers in particular by monitoring the latter.


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