Glass service

The reliable and innovative partner for glass process in order to maximize productivity, quality, reliability, maintain assets and contain costs.

BDF Industries has a Service organization dedicated to provide a complete spectrum of the highest quality service solutions to satisfy the needs of its clients from a single source.
Services support the entire product value chain from melting glass to forming, waste gases treatment, energy facilities and automation.
The service product line includes installation & startup, upgrades of mechanical equipment and automation, technical assistance for repairing and overhauling, training, performance evaluation & long term service agreement, integrated maintenance management & diagnostic solutions and systems, spare parts.

The contents of service are the following:
•    Supply on site qualified supervisors
•    Supply of certified end/or upgraded OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts for all maintenance operations
•    Performance of all equipment maintenance
•    Repairs using state-of-the-art technology
•    Optimization of Spare Parts inventory
•    On the job Training of glass plant maintenance and operation personnel

The BDF Industries service team supports the strategic goals of glass factory by stimulating growth in core skills and providing personalized programs for the glass industry.

The BDF Industries Learning Center in Italy and strategically located Service Centers offer a wide range of programs in technical courses. Our technical courses are presented by field-tested experts combining understanding of theory and practical experience. The quality training provided is a prerequisite to improve the skills of operating and maintenance personnel, so as to assure knowledge, safety and higher equipment availability.