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BDF Industries – Glasstec 2022 Thank you!

Thank you for visiting us at Glasstec 2022! After four years without Glasstec was great to see such an active community, it was important for us to meet customers and suppliers, and finalize many projects. Many people visit us with an always fully crowded booth, it was an important signal for us.  Take a look below of what we’ve presented!


We’ve decided to give a boost to our communication and it was crystal clear during Glasstec, we have so much to tell to our stakeholders, in terms of know-how of our company and also as a corporate identity. We’ve presented ourselves at the event with a new brand, a new website, and a new concept of how we want to welcome our guests at our booth, bringing at the trade show floor an immersive experience to describe our products, the process, and the Industry in a completely new way, take a look at the video below!

Products & Innovation

During the trade show we’ve put attention on two main topics, performance, and energy saving: presenting a hybrid section of an IS Machine and a fully electric Servo Baffle and Servo Blowhead Mechanism it’s clear that we’re working hard on this topic, not only to respond to the request of evolving and achieve a green economy model but also in terms of supervising software in order increase machines’ performances, like Panorama, a software that is able to give us in real time the status and the management both of the furnace and the IS Machine. These devices give us information about the consumptions, performances, and working conditions of machines. But what it’s more important these tools allow us not only to know data about the process but also to calibrate and adjust the machine operations to achieve efficiency levels never reached before, moreover they give to the customer the possibility to know the exact consumption levels of the specific technical configuration of the machine that the client is using. These equipment are the perfect fundamentals to collect data to boost IS Machine efficiency and performance and also to implement energy-saving strategies.