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Gas Burners for Regenerative Furnaces

• High efficiency low nox flame
• Easily adjustable flame shape and length
• Easy angle and position adjustement

Technical sheet

The BDF gas burners have been designed for underport installation in End-Fired and Cross-Fired furnaces.

In order to achieve a better flame shape and length on each burner the gas is split in two streams into the burner and flows into the tank through two concentric nozzles. The different impulse of the two streams allows controlling the flame shape and length. The knobs installed in the rear part of the burner allow adjusting the two-flow impulse in order to reach the best furnace performance. Both the internal and the external nozzles are made of high temperature resistant stainless steel. A special support allows adjusting the zenith and azimuth angles as well as the vertical and horizontal burner axes. The support has been designed for tool- less adjustment as well as the burner fixing and removal. When one of the side firing is in stand-by the relevant burner nozzles are cooled by a compressed air stream.

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