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Hollow glass melting furnaces with the most modern techniques and technologies.

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BDF’s Melting skills

Thanks to our wealth of experience gained over the years, the Furnaces Division of BDF Industries is able to engineer hollow glass melting furnaces combining efficiency in consumption, durability and quality of glass.

The studies and research developed over recent years combined with cutting-edge design tools are today able to guarantee stability and flexibility in the Furnaces management, for all types of production taking in consideration the strictly environmental regulations of reduction of NOx, SOx and all waste pollution related.


Melting plants

You can evince and touch our technology and skill in our rich list of reference all over the world. Thanks to our R&D, the BDF Industries share not only the technological know-how and a big push for innovation, but also expertise, enthusiasm and a deep sense of belonging that makes it possible to understand and satisfy the requirements.

Melting furnace

In order to work the glass gob better and create a perfect bottle, you need excellent glass conditioning. The Division
of BDF Industries dedicated to the Working Ends and Forehearths is able to offer and install complete systems
which are able to fully satisfy the requests
of our customers.

Conditioning working & Forhearth

Accessories & Equipment

Gas and oil control stations, gas burners for regenerative furnaces, oil burner for regenerative furnaces, burners for recuperative furnaces, reversal valve, draught regulating valve, waste gas shut-off valve and more…

Melting furnace accessories

Combustion and cooling units, air damper system, combustion and cooling control unit, burners, stirrer, booster, measuring, control and supervising system , eagle 3.1, and more…

Condition working & Forhearth accessories

Choosing BDF products and accessories means choosing not only a product but also a service, a partner always ready to support and care.



Projecting the perfect plant for your business, working with qualified engineers and designer to achive the best result.



A team of engineers and techincians will help you to set up the plant supervising every single step of the installation phase.



Customer satisfaction is not finshed at the product delivery, we gonna take care also of the after-sales process being available in any moment to give you the best assistance.

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