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Conveyor HSS

to move bottles from the IS Machine to the Conveyor

Technical sheet

Technical features

• Accurate ware positioning & handling combined with AP Pusher operation very good performance on high speed conveyors (up to 750 bottles/min, 10-12 sec. and tandem IS machines, also in DGTG) flexibility and possible adjustment of bottles’ angular and parallel position on the conveyor
• High reliability thanks to direct drive transmission with no belt
• Higher cooling management
• Independent air feed wind box and dead plate cooling for each cavity
• Independent (not from conveyor frame) axial air feed with timing control
• High flexibility and adjustment for different containers
• Wind box with adjustable dead plate’s height
• Precise alignment and tension thanks to a 3-level adjustment belt tightener
• Low maintenance
• Sturdy structure with moveable beam support
• Hs-conveyor designed for 10-12 sections and tandem machines up to 750 bottles/min
• Servo pusher mechanism with two motors (AP-pusher)
• Independent control of dead plate air cooling for cavity
• Independent axial air feed with timing control
• Wind box with dead plate height adjuster
• Conveyor beam supports and lifting device
• Conveyor belt tightener

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Forming Machines

The internal R&D Department is focused every day on finding the best solutions to be applied in IS Machines which not only allow the production of perfect glass containers, but also a high performance production, reducing costs.