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AP Pusher

to move bottles from the IS Machine to the Conveyor

Technical sheet

Main data

  • Controlled by two coaxial torque motors
  • Max conveyor speed = 50 m/min
  • Articulated pentalateral linkage for the fingers control
  • Control with 3 degrees of freedom on the fingers
  • Available for all machines and conveyor types
  • SG – DG – TG – QG


  • No belt transmission or reduction-gear on the drive but only linkage system for a very reliable mechanism
  • Low inertia high rigidity design
  • Accurate wares handling with the possibility to adjust the angular and axial positioning of the wares on the conveyor
  • Very good performances on high speed conveyors
  • High flexibility with the cam generator

Mechanical features

  • Motors and linkage in alluminum alloy
  • Integrated or stand alone control with the possibility of easy synchronization with no BDF IS forming machines
  • Use of digital drives and brushless torque servo motors
  • Possibility to easily modify the cam parameters from the machine computer
  • Cam Generator Software to make

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