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Cutting Gob

Servo Arcuate

Angular Gob cutting Mechanism

Technical sheet

Main Data

• Max. Speed 180 cuts/min
• Min. cutting time 330 msec
• Max. Shear opening angle 30° or 40°
• Cut angles 0°÷90° LH and 0°÷30° RH
• With cut angles > 30° RH a symmetrical
• mechanism can be used
• C.D.: SG-DG 3”- DG 4”3/8
• Integrated or stand-alone system, even
• on conventional feeders
• Interface with any type of machine


• No reverse motor rotation at the cutting point
• No mechanical cams:
Reduced job change downtime
Easy cam customization
• Constant cutting time at all machine speeds
• Reduced set up times
• More constant gob weight at high speed
• Presetting cutting cams
• High reliability


• Connecting rod-crank transmission
• Air spring on the no-motorized arm to guarantee a constant contact between teeth of the arm gears
• Motor support assembled on a carriage and controlled by a pneumatic cylinder for mechanism’s emergency stop
• Overlap shear position’s adjustment by motor support’s position control (carriage end-stroke control)
• Opening and emergency positions’ control
• Data programming by operator’s computer or hand-terminal
• Easy and efficient trouble diagnostic

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