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Gob Distributor

Multi Direct Drive X2/X3/X4

For a fast and precise gob delivery

Technical sheet

Main Data

• Max. Speed = 240 cuts/min
• Min. motion time = 100 msec
• Min. waiting time = 150 msec
• Max. jump = 64°


• Electronic independent position control for each scoop
• Possibility to align independently each scoop with trough
• Great improvement of gobs delivery on high production machines with multigobs delivery equipment
• High rigidity and low inertia for high performances
• Very low vibrations at high speed
• High dynamic response

Technical Features

• Interchangeable with the previous version
• Motion control with independent electronic cams per gob
• Emergency with stand-by position out of the glass flow
• Controlled by electronic integrated or stand-alone system
• Interface with any type of machine;
• Programming of the data by operator’s computer or hand-terminal
• Easy and efficient trouble diagnostic
• Local control panel with start, stop, manual MODE, jog, emergency, hand terminal connector

Mechanism Description

• Motion control with independent brushless motors for each scoop
• Coaxial planetary gearbox for each motor
• Direct drive system with pinion-rack for each scoop
• Pinions, racks and guides all in oil (scoop holder too)
• Pneumatic cylinders for the emergency central positioning
• Proximity switch for the control of the working position
• The mechanism, controlled by a pneumatic cylinder, has the possibility to rotate of 22° to put it in emergency position
• Motor cooling with fan air

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