Since 1906 BDF Industries’ nature and passion are the development and integration of complex technologies to help industrial progresses.

Global market needs multi-tasking, multi-cultural and multi-competence approach. BDF Industries, thanks to its synergic strategy gives to the modern industry the possibility to overtake the techno-gap, as required today in their activities.

The collaboration instinct of BDF Industries and the seriousness it has been demonstrated in 108 years of tradition offers to our world wide customers, “our Family”, the possibility to be part of the top technological group willing to challenge present and future business opportunities in terms of competitiveness, performances and reliabilities of products and processes. BDF targets are industrial entities that do not want to feel “alone” in their technological investments and progresses.


Serve Customers with competitive plant and process technology / automation to produce quality at lowest depreciation, production costs and offers skilled after-sales service involving top-specialized engineers.

Thanks to this long experience, as the market has developed and customers’ needs have evolved, BDF Industries constantly developed new service solutions and operating tools to become an innovative team that meets customers’ expectations.

Motivated technical and sales teams, visit and support our customers around the world, and interact in real time with the headquarters, for all the specific aspects of their production requirements.

Moreover, in the real-life contest known as “GLOBALISATION,” companies must increase their competitiveness in order to take advantage of all the real opportunities markets can offer. The challenge is to identify a clear plan for implementing new business practices and strategies to maximize plant availability and minimize operating costs.

BDF Industries’ plant projects are correlated with professional and customized service packages can help customers to improve technical and managerial skills, to maximize productivity, quality and reliability of glass processing plants, to ensure financial consolidation.

The knowledge of glass processing equipment (both forming and melting), our experience in design, manufacture, installation and start up of turn-key projects, together with our dedication to fulfill customers’ requirements, are our core capabilities. Via our network of local offices, our skilled technicians guarantee continuous monitoring to improve our customers’ satisfaction, with frequent visits to their plants and providing analysis of plant performance, mechanical equipment and automation system, to maintain our practice of technical innovation.

The BDF industries’ portfolio includes several solutions for Waste Gases Energy Recovery and pollution abatement. Every installation increases our experience and competence to gain Customers’ satisfaction. Our latest focus is the development of E-Storage package solutions for renewable sources or oil/gases generators. BDF goal is to always use the latest technology for our client and environmental sustainability.