The origins of BDF Industries. 

The origins of BDF Industries date back to 1906, when Giuseppe Boscato began designing and producing mechanical parts for the industry of that period.

After World War I, Giuseppe Boscato and Adamo Dalla Fontana, owner of a workshop, joined their forces to establish a company in Vicenza, in the historical headquarters of Ponte Alto.

Under the name of “Boscato & Dalla Fontana”, the company was a mechanical workshop for the design and construction of special machines and equipment.

After the World War II, Boscato & Dalla Fontana converted its production range and began to design and produce centre lathes for the mechanical industry and looms for the textile industry.

In the early ‘50s the company began producing parts for the glass industry, and a few years later, in 1956 – the first in Europe – constructed a completely automatic four-section hollow glass forming machine.