Since 1976 BDF Industries – TDE Macno has been designing and developing specific solutions for industrial automation, in particular: static converters for the control of electric motors, sinchronous and asynchronous.

BDF Industries – TDE Macno started off initially in a very complex and dynamic industry: machines for the production of glassware pressed by BDF Industries, worldwide leader in this industry, which became the majority stockholder of our Company.

The expertise and application know-how allowed BDF Industries – TDE Macno to enter into the alternative energy market as well, offering drives/inverter with ActiveFrontEnd technology for the control of hydraulics and wind power turbines, photovoltaic power stations and storage systems, in a continuous pursuit of efficiency, energy saving and storage.
Our experience as application and systems engineers has been built up over a long and successful relationship with advanced research institutes. We are also collaborating significantly with Italian and European Universities on several major projects.

This has made BDF Industries – TDE Macno a reliable company, aware of the support and attention to performance, cost and innovation that can enhance the final solution to the customer.

Proudly holding the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification since 1995, we have a strong commitment to the continuous development of our internal organisation and the essential support for an effective successful company. Our reputation is based on high quality products enhanced by our advanced production techniques and excellent customer support.
Expertise and versatility have enabled BDF Industries – TDE Macno to grow internationally: a wide distributor and agency network located throughout the world provides application assistance and expert customer service.

With forty years of experience behind it, BDF E.C.S. Sistemi Elettronici S.p.A. is now a solid company that can manufacture and supply CNC systems for all the main machine tools found on both the Italian market and in other countries. Its excellent technical services department also represents one of the most important company assets. Flexibility, combined with a particularly rational technical approach, allows the company’s controls to be used on different types of machines and to provide state-of-the-art solutions, such as the special series dedicated to machining metal plate (oxy-fuel, plasma, water jet and laser cutting) which has resulted in the creation of a series of dedicated CNCs with practically inimitable features and precision.

The exceptional post-sales service, that permit to customers to got a reliable and competent partner all times, is capable of solve all problems in shortest possible time, that may arise during normal work.

The development staff at BDF-E.C.S. have considered all the technology found in this sector today, and have even gone beyond it. It is not sufficient to merely implement the best technology currently available: our involvement must go a step further, and the definition of parameters for new development must necessarily take into account and pursue excellence. Thanks to its experience, BDF-E.C.S. has put a great deal of energy into the design of the new range of products. It has reviewed every design aspect and perfected the methods and techniques used for planning, development and manufacture.

The choice of the best components, their testing, and the made-to-measure preparation of elements to be integrated during production of the new controls are some of the aspects that help provide the market with truly innovative, reliable and high-performance elements.

BDF-E.C.S. “CONTROL IS EVERYTHING” is the slogan with which the company has started its ambitious relaunch program. The initiative concentrates strongly on the company’s flagship product, and will feature yet another demonstration of dynamism, vision and the ability to provide new ideas: something that has allowed BDF-E.C.S. to become, and remain, a reference point in the sector. Today more than ever.