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Servo baffle & Servo blowhead

Servo Baffle and Servo Blowhead: Performance, repeatability, retrofit, flexibility, precision, saving, maintenance free, are the main characteristics of our new Fully Electric Servo Baffle and Servo Blowhead, scroll and read to discover more.


  • Speed Increasing: til 0.5 m/s
  • Push increasing: til 450 kgf
  • The maximum push power is always guaranteed independently from the mechanism speed.
  • The movement is more fluid and linear.


  • Thanks to the brushless motor the speed and the positioning of the mechanism are always controlled.
  • The movement is not anymore conditioned by external factors
  • Pneumatic Air cushions are not necessary anymore.


  • The Servo Mechanism uses the same interfaces of pneumatic mechanisms 300 series.
  • It’s now possible to update machines equipped with pneumatic mechanisms with servo mechanisms without any modification of the section and without the need to rebalance the mechanisms.
  • Servo Mechanisms can use the same variable equipments that you can use for pneumatic mechanism.


  • Thanks to a more fluid and linear movement the equipment alignment on the Blank Mould is more accurate.


  • Less oil wasting: -5% on the centralyzed lubrication of the section.
  • Less compressed air wasting: -40% of compressed air for mechanisms activation.

Maintenance Free

  • Thanks to a more fluid and linear movement there is less components degeneration.
  • Pneumatic Air cushions are not necessary anymore.
  • Thanks to the total repeatability is not necessary anymore to compensate the mechanism movement variation with timing and compressed air pressure.
  • The motorization group is the same for the whole servo Baffle Mechanism and Blow-head Mechanism, in this way the changes management is easier.