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New Plunger mechanism IWS 3.0

New Plunger Mechanism IWS 3.0: Retrofit, new sensor position, interchangeability, performance, are the main characteristics of our new New Plunger Mechanism IWS 3.0, scroll and read to discover more.


The new plunger mechanisms range uses new technologies in order to maximize the fluidity:

  • Piston speed till 1 m/s
  • Plunger Up available with compressed air at 200mbar.


  • The new plunger mechanisms keep the same volume and production limits of the previous original range
  • It’s possible to reuse BDF cartridges
  • The new plunger mechanisms can be installed on every single BDF existing section
  • Available for:
    SG 4”1/4 – DG 4”1/4 – TG 3”1/8
    SG 5” – DG 5” – TG85
    SG 5”1/2 – DG 5”1/2
    SG 6”1/4 – DG 6”1/4 – TG 4”1/4

New Sensor Position

  • The sensor is completely static and positioned inside the cylinder.
  • The electronic components are not subjected to mechanic stress and they’re safe from high temperature and noise that could be generated inside the mechanism.


  • Unique base plate and centering plate for SG-DG-TG
  • Job change of a mechanism is always easy and fast.
  • The presence of the lateral gib (poka-yoke) avoid assembly errors.