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Firing System

Gas and Oil control stations

The gas and oil stations are the systems through which gas or oil are controlled in flow, pressure, temperature to feed the burner properly. For the regenerative furnaces the systems allow to switch the firing from one combustion side to the other.

Technical sheet

Automatic control and reference

BDF firing systems are designed according to UNI EN 746:2 and present the best automatic control up to the single burner or for each burner inlet. The fuel in which we had reference are:
• Gas firing
• Heavy Oil Firing Diesel Firing LPG Firing

Burners for

For our firing system we can propose our BDF designed and manufactured burners as per the following list:
• Oil burner GTO
• Recuperative Burner GBO Gas burner single input
• Gas burner dual stream low NOx”

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Regenerative & Recuperative Furnace

You can evince and touch our technology and skill in our rich list of reference all over the world. Thanks to our R&D, the BDF Industries share not only the technological know-how and a big push for innovation, but also expertise, enthusiasm and a deep sense of belonging that makes it possible to understand and satisfy the requirements.

Melting furnace