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Cross Conveyor

Type 3900 Water Cooled

to move bottles towards the Stacker

Technical sheet

Main structure

• Divided in individual adjustable sections
to correct possible structural deformations due to the heat given off by the annealing lehr

Drive system

• Oscillating drive group for belt constant self-tensioning
• Gear reducer directly coupled to the motor

General Features

• Simple and strong construction
• Individual adjustable sections on the structure
• Adjustable cross conveyor height
• Dead plates in refractory steel
• Supplied for all lehr widths
• Low maintenance
• Reduced wearing parts
• Air or water cooled

Connection to the annealing lehr

• Stainless steel dead plate
• Each plate is freely connected to the cross conveyor frame by means of two pins and, on the opposite side, it lays on the lehr belt
• An adjusting device to be operated from outside the cross conveyor allows to adjust the height of the plates for an optimal connection between cross conveyor and lehr

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