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Thermoshock Testing Machine

The machine is essentially formed by a basket where the containers are placed in vertical position, and by two tanks, one containing
hot water with the heating element, and one containing cold water. Two pumps provide to maintain water at the required temperature by circulation of hot water and cold water respectively.

Technical sheet

Features & Benefits

• Testing time is about 6 minutes as follow specifications:
Max thermal head: 65°C (with cold water at 20°C and hot water at 85°C)
• System accuracy: ± 1°C
• Transfer time of the basket: 15 ± 2 seconds
• Basket dimensions where to put the bottles: 600 x 550 x h 400 mm
• Construction material of the tanks: AISI 304
• Overall dimensions: 2600 x 1600 x h 1750 mm
• Weight: 910 Kg

Mechanical Features

• The machine is provided with hot and cold water tanks
• The tanks are provided with pumps for continuous water flow from lower part to the upper one of each tank
• Useful capacity of each tank: 270 litres

Electrical Features

• The machine is provided with one hot and cold water temperature control system by means of 2 electronic regulators and 2 thermocouple
• Heater power: 16 kW
• Total installed power: 20 kVA
• Power supply (typical): 400 V – 50
• Hz threephase

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