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SDA 03 Three Axis Full Servo Stacker

to move bottles into Annealing Lehr

Technical sheet

General Features

• X-Y-Z axis movement controlled by three brushless servo motors, accurate and absolutely repeatable movements
• Installed on rails with easy and quick withdrawal system
• Safety guards
• Kit of inserts in graphite with easy change system
• Push-bar with compressed air cooling capability
• Stabilization bar for particulary unstable ware, with remote horizontal and vertical adjustment
• Extremely reduced maintenance
• Different types of cycle synchronization
• User-friendly operator interface
• Easy data programming, saving, loading of configuration
• Operator terminal and control installed on top of the cabinet

Technical Data

• Cycle speed: up to 21 cycles per minute
• Cross conveyor speed: up to 60 m/min
• Glass containers max. height: 500 mm


• Max. width 4500 mm
• Min. inserts centre distance: 60 mm
• Inserts step: 20 mm
• Stroke in lehr direction: 480 mm
• Side shift stroke: 480 mm
• Vertical stroke: 525 mm
• Admissible lehr belt height: 800 ÷ 1100 mm

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