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AP Pusher Air jet System

to move bottles from the IS Machine to the Conveyor

Technical sheet

Main data

  • Max conveyor speed = 65 m/s
  • Use the venturi effect
  • Indipendent and easily accessible air flow adjustments for each cavity positioned upon the finger
  • Finger suction with regulated compressed air (4.5bar)
  • Available for bdf AP pusher mechanism in DG-TG-QG


  • Increased bottle stability for high speed conveyor
  • Minimize harmful air flow to keep the bottle temperature under control

Venturi effect

The Venturi effect states that in a situation with a constricted section of a duct the pressure of the fluid reduces. The air duct consists in the residual space between the pusher finger and bottle. When an high speed air flow go through in this space, a depression happen in relation to the outside normal pressure. In this way, the atmospheric pressure will push the bottle against the pusher finger.

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