By exploting the glass proprerty to be electric conductor at high temperature, it is possible to feed some additional electric power by means of molybdenum electrodes immersed in the glass and connected to a variable voltage electric transformer.
The effect of the extra power is to enhance the glass molten, to increase the pull, the quality and to reduce the NOx emission.

  • Bottom or Sidewall.
  • Medium voltage or Low voltage.


The throat booster system is a safety system used to avoid the glass freezing in the throat during the furnace heat-up and/or when the production is stopped and no glass is flowing through the throat.

  • Typical power: 60 kW approx (during normal operation, the system is switched off)
  • Power supplied by two molybdenum electrodes in glass
  • Water-cooled holder
  • Thermocouple to detect the holder temperature


The bubbler principle is to blow a small amount of air into the glass bath in order to obtain a vertical glass current from bottom to top. The air bubbles lift upwards the colder glass from the bottom.

  • It generates big improvement of the glass current motion
  • Effective push-back batch force
  • Better heat exchange between flames and glass
  • For coloured glass it contributes to increase the pull and the glass quality.