subject to management and coordination of BDF Holding S.p.A.

BDF servis d.o.o. is a company for production, assembly and service of equipment for packaging glass production, on the field of mechanics, electronics, automatics and electrics.

It was established in 2002 with a primary goal to perform quality service and other services to all buyers of BDF products in glass industry. Today it employs almost 50 mostly specialized professionals for production, repair, assembly and installation of equipment, and for servicing and maintaining technological processes in automatic production of packaging glass.

The company also possesses a license for construction works and maintenance of complex systems and plants as well as electric power installations of strong and weak current. Greater part of personnel in this company has worked a long time in the maintenance service of the glasswork Straža, so that today after additional professional and foreign language education and technical equipping, they are qualified to perform the most complex jobs on the field of „hot spots“ in the glassworks.

We monitor problems in glass production and conduct different services and improvements after our own solutions or according to the wish of the customer.

We also produce and service different types of electric boxes for industrial glass and construction; we repair electric motors of power up to 40 kW, and perform complete electric-power distribution, electric installation of lighting and outlets, electric installation of heating and cooling, grounding and lightning arrester installation in business, residential, warehouses and other buildings.

We teach and organize professional education for our customers; we plan services of preventive and other maintenance with continuous updating and saving of technical documentation. We make it possible for the customers to use our service and constant technical support, even remotely.

In our glassworks we perform complete assemblies and installations of new modern machines, as well as overhauls, services and renewal of used machines.

We have a longtime experience in resolving everyday problems and needs in the production process of glassworks. We produce automatic systems for bottle protection on transport lines, glasswork machinery kits, staker rods with internal cooling system, segments for bottle conveyors and angled transfers. We produce different calibers and devices for control of variable accessories and production assortment in glassworks as well as a wide range of spare parts according to own designs, customer’s designs or samples.

We produce and install various automatic central systems for saving while dosing the oil for greasing glasswork machines, and other additional fittings for improvement of speed, working conditions and production quality.

We perform services of automatics for glass-melting furnace heating manegement, working zones and feeders, and we replace side electrodes on electric heating systems. We inform our clients about all the news on our web site, at fairs and personally.