BDF Industries Audit and Maintenance Team strives to keep glass production plants at peak efficiency. As a matter of fact our personnel works alongside the maintenance staff of our customers in order to grant not only scheduled preventive maintenance and audit, but also intervention in case of emergency.

Preventive maintenance and audit activities cover also section frame replacement and upgrades of the existing technologies.

In order to classify the different kinds of preventive maintenance and related maintenance schedules required on IS machines components, mechanisms and parts, these have been gathered into 3 major groups, namely the “Revision Classes”:

Class “A”: revision after 12 months
Class “B”: revision after 3-4 years (about 25.000.000 cycles)
Class “C”: revision after 6-8 years (about 50.000.000 cycles)

Class “A” after 12 months

• External scraper subject to heavy dirty and / or with low mechanical protection against accidental dungerous bumps
• Protective bellows working at high cycles rate
• Check-valves (commercial items and BDF’s production)
• O-rings or gaskets placed on interface plates of movable components
• Shock absorbers for safety end-of-stroke
• Grease or oil insertion point (manual)
• Gaskets (pneumatic or hydraulic)

Class “B” after 3-4 years

• Guide bushings on external supports and anti-deflection systems
• Guide bushing on mechanism’s caps subject to heavy dirty
• Piston’s guide rings
• Linea guides and bushing for linear guides under heavy duty
• Bearings (light series) for manual controls or similar
• Springs under heavy duty
• Oil level indicators
• Valves to control the flux
• Needle valves
• Screw nuts locking parts for manual controls
• Toothed belts
• Decelerators (commercial parts)
• Magnetic groups of electro valves
• Hinges and rollers on cam devices
• Piston rings in cast iron

Class “C” after 6-8 years

• Guide bushings and guide hinges internal to the mechanism even if in oil bath
• Complete anti-deflection device if under heavy duty
• Bearings even if in oil bath
• Mechanical cams
• Springs
• Pistons
• Cylinders
• Pushing and rotating devices (levers – connecting rods)
• Internal shock absorber rings
• Racks
• Pinions and toothed wheels
• Adjusting screws
• Linear guides (all types)
• Motors
• Decelerators (BDF’s production)